Why Prophets Go Astray!

Over the last couple of years God has given me the opportunity to really  pour into Prophets and raise up Prophets-In-Training.

One thing I have observed that I believe is very key to our growth as Prophets and our ability to walk in everything God has for us is this ….. EXPOSING and EXPELLING this “woe is me mentality”  spirit!

The number 1 reason Prophets move into perversion and start operating from the other side is because they THINK HIGHER OF THEMSELVES THAN THEY OUGHT TO and because that Spirit won’t allow them to TRULY SUBMIT.

They begin to believe that they are the only ones experiencing these awesome VISIONS, DREAMS and PROPHETIC REVELATIONS that they honestly believe that God would place them on this earth and NOT send a TEACHER.

However, more often than not, when the TEACHER APPEARS, because perversion has already set it, they have no clue that God is answering their prayers.

They want to believe what they want to believe, do what they want to do and really don’t have a genuine desire to truly surrender to God by submitting to those God has placed in their lives as SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY for this season.

That’s why they end up hurt, mad, angry, bitter and disillisioned. Though they have much revelation, many times the reveation does not apply to them. Though they see much, many times, they are overwhelmed by what they see, because they have been living with a critical spirit that has allowed a thin line of deception to enter in and distort their very view of God and His people, but more than anything it has distorted their PROPHETIC MANTLE AND THE DISTRIBUTION AND GROWTH OF THAT MANTLE and they don’t even know it UNTIL A MAJOR CRASH OR CRISIS HITS!

Prohets of God, know that God is not the author of confusion and if you are living MOST of your Prophetic Life confused about what God is doing and how He is moving in your life, it’s time to truly submit and surrender all to Him.

Yep, He loves you with an unconditional love, yep He wants you to walk into the fullness of your call, but realize Prophetic Grace has carried you further than you can even begin to imagine. It’s time to truly know that in your weakness HE IS STRONG, so let God arise with strength and POWER in your weakness and know that at the moment you do, you will experience a release of the UNNECCESSARY BURDENS you have found yourselves carrying, for much longer than you should.

God says, “What do you truly have need of?” and “Am I not well able to supply that need?”


Prophet Dwann H. Olsen

Dwann Olsen Ministries


Founder, Global Institute of Church & Marketplace Prophets


877.595.9117 ext 3


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