Dear Prophetic Intercessor: You Might Be Out of Order If … Plus, Prophetic Intercession 101

Dear Prophetic Intercessor: You Might Be Out of Order If … Plus, Prophetic Intercession 101

Most folks know my mandate is to Train, Raise and Release modern-day Prophets. Because of this, I also come into contact with Prophetic Intercessors who also need to be trained or who are trying to determine whether or not God is calling  them to the … [Read more...]

School of Prophetic Intercession starts tonight TUESDAY Jan 14, 8pm EST live on the web

Are you an intercessor longing to be trained in prophetic intercession? Do you know that you know that you CAN PRAY but you sense there is a deeper level God is calling you too? Or maybe you're a Prophet who knows it's time for you to take your … [Read more...]

Power Against Breast Cancer Prayer

Power Against Breast Cancer Prayer

One of the mandates my marketplace ministry The Global Institute of Church & Marketplace Prophets is called to do is educate the world on who Prophets are and what we do. As marketplace prophets, there are a variety of ways we serve God and the … [Read more...]

Are you ready to TRAVAIL in prophetic prayer?

I remember as a young girl, going to all night prayer shut-ins at the baptist church I grew up in. But it wasn't until I became the Woman of God I am, that I now clearly see how important those times were to my prophetic make-up. Over the last few … [Read more...]

Women, are you ready for the Prophetic Release Friday at 2pm?

Wow, what an amazing LAUNCH for Victory Over Money Drama, hosted by Leesa Renee Hall. I'm honored she asked me to say a special word of covering and prayer on Monday as she kicked off this movement. Now, it's time for me to share 5 Spiritual P.R. … [Read more...]

A #Prayer for those affected by TRAGEDY in Connecticut. Let's Pray

Lord, We come with heavy hearts realizing that EVIL manifested in a big way today. But despite this tragedy, Father we know that you are LORD. Though confused, we know that children are INDEED a gift from YOU, so now God, we thank you for every one … [Read more...]

We are PRAYING CORPORATELY every Monday & Friday for the rest of 2012

As we have been preparing for Prophetic Prayer Explosion 2012 - God urged me to commit to corporate prayer every Monday and Friday for the rest of the year. Be sure to join me and Dr. YaQuanda Payne McCall of I SPEAK LIFE GLOBAL MINISTRIES as we … [Read more...]

How can I pray for you on Cyber Monday?

Marketplace Monday falls on CYBER MONDAY this year. If you're a business leader or business owner, be sure to call in so we can SPEAK BLESSINGS over your business and DECREE & DECLARE a great day of ONLINE SALES for those Marketplace Leaders … [Read more...]

God Still Heals! Friday Night Fire – Signs, Wonders & Miracles

Last year around this time, God had me proclaim it to be a time of Signs, Wonders & Miracles. He wanted me to remind His people that He's STILL the God of Signs, Wonders & Miracles! This time, as I declare and decree that INDEED  we as … [Read more...]

EastCoast WestCoast Prophetic Prayer is Monday at 10pm EST.

As we prepare for Friday Night Fire September we are going to have a special time of apostolic and prophetic prayer with my special guest this month, Apostle, Attorney Pam Archibald. Apostle Pam and I have been partners in ministry for several years … [Read more...]