Why saved and sinners  can agree, Blood Moons Don’t Just Happen!

Why saved and sinners can agree, Blood Moons Don’t Just Happen!

There is no denying that truly we are the manifestation of a living generation prophesied about moons ago. Nor is there any denying that truly we are living in the times of signs, wonders and miracles from on high. Even TV news organizations … [Read more...]

This week’s #Prophetic Question is another one about #Prophetic Protocol.

It's Friday and I'm ready for some downtime. What about you? What are your plans this evening and this weekend?  My husband and I have been trying to get to one of the latest movies for the last few weeks, so I'm thinking tonight may be the … [Read more...]

Don’t miss my Prophetic Gift(s) Give-A-Way

Don’t miss my Prophetic Gift(s) Give-A-Way

Wow! We just hit 6000 LIKES here on#Facebook. Hooray! As part of the celebration for the NEXT 6 days I'm giving away (6) of my favorite things during (6) contest giveaways! From Jones and Rose Luxury Natural Bath and Body Products, Blue franswa … [Read more...]

Prophetic Question of the Week: How Do I know when to RELEASE personal prophecy?

It's Saturday and I have been on the go all day long. Started with a  staff meeting at the church (THE WORSHIP PLACE) errands and now, I have a few minutes to post this Prophetic Question of the week, before the hubby and I head out to another … [Read more...]

Why Honoring “Saint Patrick” Won’t Send You To Hell

Why Honoring “Saint Patrick” Won’t Send You To Hell

I love my sisters and brothers in Christ, but I have to admit, sometimes Bible-toting, Scripture-quoting spirit-filled saints go overboard on certain issues of the day.  Yes, we should have standards and Godly convictions, but never should we be so … [Read more...]

School of Prophetic Intercession starts tonight TUESDAY Jan 14, 8pm EST live on the web

Are you an intercessor longing to be trained in prophetic intercession? Do you know that you know that you CAN PRAY but you sense there is a deeper level God is calling you too? Or maybe you're a Prophet who knows it's time for you to take your … [Read more...]

Prophets, don’t be SCARED! It’s time to SPEAK UP!

But the LORD said to me, "Do not say, 'I am a youth,' Because everywhere I send you, you shall go, And all that I command you, you shall speak. 8"Do not be afraid of them, For I am with you to deliver you," declares the LORD. 9Then the LORD stretched … [Read more...]

Are you ready to TRAVAIL in prophetic prayer?

I remember as a young girl, going to all night prayer shut-ins at the baptist church I grew up in. But it wasn't until I became the Woman of God I am, that I now clearly see how important those times were to my prophetic make-up. Over the last few … [Read more...]

Yes, PROPHETIC TRAINING is needed NOW more than ever

A constant question that comes up whenever I mention that I MENTOR PROPHETS or whenever some of those I mentor mention they are receiving MENTORSHIP & TRAINING from another seasoned Prophet is: "Why do you have to be trained if gifts are given by … [Read more...]

Women, are you ready for the Prophetic Release Friday at 2pm?

Wow, what an amazing LAUNCH for Victory Over Money Drama, hosted by Leesa Renee Hall. I'm honored she asked me to say a special word of covering and prayer on Monday as she kicked off this movement. Now, it's time for me to share 5 Spiritual P.R. … [Read more...]