Kingdom Covenant Partners

Prophetess Dwann Delivering Word of the Lord

Prophetess Dwann Delivering Word of the Lord

Years ago and even months ago before I officially moved forward with Prophet Dwann Global  Ministries, God told me and continued to confirm he would send covenant partners who believe in my ministry, who I am in the Kingdom and the prophetic assignment He’s given me to affect the GLOBE.

He told me He would send a troop of Kingdom Ambassadors and a Prophetic Company of believers who recognized that part of their assignment is to help me fulfill the great commission. Plus, He let me know that a The Media Force would help me distribute media globally.

That’s why I believe you are reading this today. I believe you are one of the peculiar ones God has called to walk hand-in-hand with me in ministry. One of the radical ones with a deliverance edge who recognize like DNA.

By partnering with Prophet Dwann Global Ministries your prayers, support and generosity will allow weekly radio broadcasts to continue and to expand, along with the ministry’s weekly prayer outreach, online seminars, summits and monthly ministry events.

What Are The Benefits of Partnership?

  • The monthly Prophet Dwann Global Ministries Letter & Prophetic Prayer
  • A monthly Prophetic Teaching Message
  • 20% discount on selected Prophet Dwann Global Ministries Products & Events
  • Access to exclusive content via Prophet Dwann Global Ministries website.
  • Exclusive times of group & personal ministry
  • The gratification of knowing your seed is making a difference in the lives God has called DHGM to touch.

My session with Prophetess Dwann was absolutely divine and ordained by God.She gave me direction and also insight on what I was and had been experiencing over the last past years of my life. I have come to a very pivotal time in my life where I needed confirmation and affirmation and Dwann Rollinson did just that!!!!!She spoke into my life and already I am seeing increase. The 30 minute introduction session was dynamite, and the deliverance 1-on-1 was anointed. She is a prophetic vessel of God!  T. Briscoe – Chicago, Ill, 2011

Here’s what Covenant Partnership with Prophet Dwann Ministries looks like:

LOGO_DwannOlsenMinistries_REVMy Responsibility: My covenant responsibility is to educate, enlighten, empower and equip you for  next level of service in the Kingdom that can only be attributed to God almighty. As such, I am also charged with doing everything within my power help assist you in walking out your Purpose, Plan & Destiny. I will strategically intercede on your behalf and will release whatever instruction God releases to me for you, as you OBEY Him above all.

Your Responsibility: Your responsibility is to FOCUS ON GOD and to really ask God to show you how to pray for DHO Ministries and all of its outreaches and endeavors based on the Vision God has given.  Your covenant responsibility is to also participate and support the ministry as much as you can within reason and according to OBEDIENCE to Him. Part of this support is  through a special seed gift every month but to also support via your appearance and participation whenever ministry events bring myself and the team near your geographic location.

Kingdom Ambassadors are covenant partners called to the Marketplace in every industry and sphere, a special area of ministry that God has specifically anointed Apostle Dwann for.

Kingdom Ambassador

The Prophetic Company are covenant partners called to the Prophetic Ministry and who want to sow into the life of a Kingdom Prophet

The Prophetic Company

The Media Force are covenant partners who have a special heart for media ministry and the many facets of what this now looks like for those in ministry. TMF specifically funds, The Prophetic Voice radio broadcast and publishing of all DHO Ministry Media.

The Media Force

Ministry Inquiry