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1 on 1 Prophetic Ministry With Prophetess Dwann and 1 or 1 of the members of GICMP’s Company of Prophets
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1-on-1 Personal and private deliverance prayer facilitated by Prophetess Dwann and 1 other ministry team member


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The Marketplace and Marketplace Leaders have a special place in Prophetess Dwann’s heart. That’s why she offers pray for Business Leaders at least once a week. Plus, as a Business Coach, she helps business owners and those planning to go higher in their Kingdom Careers, learn how to leverage their PURPOSE in the MARKETPLACE as Kingdom Ambassadors.
Here’s the book that changed Prophet Dwann’s life years ago and also confirmed so much about why she’s called to help develop Marketplace Leaders and particularly Marketplace Prophets. If you’re a Kingdom Business Leader, be sure to invest in Anointed for Business by Ed Silvoso!  And remember, Prophetess Dwann and the team are ALWAYS here to pray for you and your future!


PRAISE REPORT: Within 24 hours After your Monday night prayer one of the companies I have been working with called and stated they were forwarding a check (MONIES) that were due me. Praise Yahweh, Almighty Lord… That was the first positive verbal response… That was the first verbal communication i have had from this financial institution… Thanks for the prayer of agreement… Blessings to you.

K Jones