Yes, God told me to tell His Prophets “GET OVER IT!!”

A few years ago, God had me write an in-depth article about WHY PROPHETS GO ASTRAY. Much of it has to do with Prophets getting caught up in WHAT they are going through and thinking like Elijah did, that they were and are the only ones to go through … [Read more...]

God Still Heals! Friday Night Fire – Signs, Wonders & Miracles

Last year around this time, God had me proclaim it to be a time of Signs, Wonders & Miracles. He wanted me to remind His people that He's STILL the God of Signs, Wonders & Miracles! This time, as I declare and decree that INDEED  we as … [Read more...]

VETERANS DAY 2011 – Word of the Lord from Apostle Pam Archibald

Many people have  been wondering what the REAL significance of 11-11-11 is.  Some have tried to speculate from their natural mindset. I believe this revelatory release from my dear friend and colleague Attorney, Apostle Pam Archibald shares GREAT … [Read more...]