School of Prophetic Intercession starts tonight TUESDAY Jan 14, 8pm EST live on the web

Are you an intercessor longing to be trained in prophetic intercession? Do you know that you know that you CAN PRAY but you sense there is a deeper level God is calling you too? Or maybe you're a Prophet who knows it's time for you to take your … [Read more...]


I’ve  ALWAYS prayed over my daughters and explained the importance of  declaring and decreeing over their lives. Recently, my youngest was experiencing some noticeable difficulty in a few subjects as she transitioned to the next grade.  We decided … [Read more...]

Need Prophetic Ministry Tonight?

It's the FIRST Monday of the month which means it's time for Prophetic Roll Call tonight at 10pm EST.  During this time of ministry myself and Prophetess LaTonya, prophetically intercede on your behalf and we also make ourselves available to RELEASE … [Read more...]

Travel updates to and from Chicago, South Carolina, Jacksonville & Lake Wales

Hope you had a great 4th of July! I traveled to South Carololina where I am still making final rounds before heading back home to the Jacksonville area. It's been a busy season of traveling, as my husband and I just returned from EXPONENTIAL IMPACT … [Read more...]

Here's What The Company of Prophets Will Teach At Saturday's " The Making Of A Prophet" In Chicago

Well, I and most of my team have safely made it to Chicago. Waiting on one more then we are set. Excited about how God is moving and what He will do TONIGHT. We stand with spirits of Expectation INDEED! Why Chicago - Why Now? Years ago, God told me … [Read more...]

Prophetic Prayer Explosion Chicago 2012: The Making of A Prophet

Prophetic Prayer Explosion Chicago 2012: The Making of A Prophet

                                            I  am so excited about these NEXT 30 days. Especially as we get ready to … [Read more...]

Word of the Lord:"I Shall Protect You and Provide For You IN YOUR PURPOSE!"

God says "Yes, I SHALL protect you, provide for you and push you forth to MY PURPOSE that I created you FOR, as MY PROVIDENTIAL timing is released swiftly. Never doubt that I am an AWESOME God who loves you, cares for you and values you. FOR YOU ARE … [Read more...]

Do You Ever Ask Yourself: "Is It Me or Is It God?"

Lately one of the most popular questionable statements I've heard from started to even seasoned prophetic saints is ..."I'm wondering "Is it me or is it God?" That's right. Because so much shifting has been taking place and because many can't seem … [Read more...]

What Is Pure Prophetic Worship ?

When you’re operating in PURE PROPHETIC WORSHIP before God,  you realize that just like Prophetess Anna in Luke 2 did you have to live a lifestyle of fasting and praying unto God! Because when you operate in Pure Prophetic Worship unto God, there’s … [Read more...]

The Word of the Lord for The Body of Christ : Hold On & Move Forward With Precision (9-16-11)

This morning as I was preparing to get on our 5-fold Friday Prophetic Prayer line that takes place every 1st and 3rd Friday, I felt an URGENCY in my Spirit to RELEASE Prophetic Instruction and provide some Prophetic Understanding and Revelation … [Read more...]