What Is Pure Prophetic Worship ?

When you’re operating in PURE PROPHETIC WORSHIP before God,  you realize that just like Prophetess Anna in Luke 2 did you have to live a lifestyle of fasting and praying unto God! Because when you operate in Pure Prophetic Worship unto God, there’s … [Read more...]

Monthly Prophetic Education, Training & Activation Starts in October in Jacksonville!

  Happy Thursday! I just want to take this time to thank you for your interest in monthly Prophetic Training in Jacksonville. I also want to list the other locations that are showing great interest in hosting Prophetic Intensives. I … [Read more...]

Have You Ever Asked A Seasoned Prophet To Teach You How To Prophesy?

Do you have questions about Prophecy that you can't get answered? Do you know how to give someone a Word from God one on one but cringe at the thought of doing so in a Corporate setting? If you answered YES to either of the questions above, this … [Read more...]

Why Prophets Go Astray!

Over the last couple of years God has given me the opportunity to really  pour into Prophets and raise up Prophets-In-Training. One thing I have observed that I believe is very key to our growth as Prophets and our ability to walk in everything God … [Read more...]